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In Richardson, we love a good time. The food here is as diverse as the people here, you’ll find great Mediterranean restaurants with home-cooked tastes, and real Texan burgers that will have your mouth watering. While eating so generously may leave your stomach a happy one, the rest of your body will be thankful for the numerous outdoor activities available in the city. Richardson has 40 plus miles of trails for you to conquer, whether you cycle, run, or walk through them– that’s up to you. Learn about how you can experience the city:

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Featured Restaurant

Tom + Chee was featured on Shark Tank and has become well-known since then, but that’s not the best thing about them! Thee food is amazing. Their grilled cheese sandwiches will have your inner child smiling.

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Post Eastside Apartments

Looking for a home? These luxury apartments might be just exactly what you are looking for. Located among an array of new restaurants, and off the North Central Expressway, living, playing, and working here is easy.

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