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Food for the heart and the soul

Are you a pro-eater? If you answered yes, you’ll love living in Richardson! From ethnic eats to an all-American cuisine, you’ll be sure to find the perfect food for your insatiable palate any day of the week. We even have North Texas’s only China Town. Let’s dish out the numbers so that you can get a taste of what we have to offer:

110+ ethnic restaurants
40+ regional restaurants
120+ Richardson unique restaurants
40+ bakeries
Thai's Thumbz
Halal Guys
Tom + Chee
Featured Richardson Restaurant

Thai's Thumbz

Thai’s Thumbz is a modern Thai restaurant that will fill your stomach, and warm your heart. Each meal is freshly prepared to your preference, and their dishes can be altered to your taste, so if you’re not able to hold down your spice yet, you need not worry!

Their delicious dishes are accompanied by a relaxed atmosphere, with the perfect combination of natural and incandescent lighting.

Whether it’s cold or warm outside, be sure to try their Thai Tea, this sweet drink goes well with any meal, but if you’re feeling more like a wine or beer, you’ll definitely find your favorite, because its BYOB.

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