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Take a walk. Take a ride. Take a hike.

In Richardson, you’llĀ loveĀ being outdoors. Whether you are looking for cycling groups who take on serious 25-mile rides, or a trail for a quiet stroll with your family and dogs, we’ve got it here.

Richardson has warm weather 2/3 of the year, meaning you’ll have 243 days out of the year to take full advantage of your favorite outdoor activities. If you have yet to find an outdoor activity that suits you, you won’t run out of options when trying different sports and hobbies here.

For those of you who love cycling, you will find hundreds of fellow cyclists in the city. Richardson has a large community of both amateur and professional cyclists who gather each weekend for different types of rides, whether it’s a 3-mile ride along the trails, or a 20-mile ride through our bicycle-friendly roads. There are different type of road designations in the city that indicate the extent of road-use for cyclists, but Richardson is well known in the DFW for its many shared-roads, which are car-and-bicycle inclusive.

Some Richardson favorites

Prairie Creek Park
Richardson bike race
Crowley Park
Central Trail
More on Richardson parks and trails


40 miles of trails


35+ parks in Richardson

dog parks

the bush central barkway: a park specifically designed with your doggo in mind

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