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Public Transportation

Constant and daily driving can be a hassle, sometimes, its preferable to relax and be a passenger on the ride to your destination. Richardson’s residents and workers are served by an efficient public transportation system, with a network of light rails and bus lines that will get you to most places in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area.

About the DART

The Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) is a modern public transportation system, composed of rail lines and bus lines, that connects Richardson to 12 cities around the DFW area. 

DART Facts

  • 4 rail stations in Richardson
  • 10 total rail stations
  • 11.973 number of bus stops
  • 20 minutes from Richardson’s Spring Valley Station to Downtown Dallas
  • DART Rail System connects Richardson to all of the DFW area, including Fort Worth
  • Richardson has citywide DART bus transportation services
Galatyn Station

4 DART light rail stops in Richardson

  cityline/bush station

  galatyn station

  arapaho center station

  spring valley station

DART rail system map

Check out the map check out the DART’s metroplex-wide rail network

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