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The semiconductor industry is one of three primary technology clusters in Richardson. The history of this industry in Richardson started in the 1950s with Texas Instrument’s arrival to Richardson. Since then, the industry has massively expanded, thanks to an agglomeration of high-tech businesses in the Telecom Corridor area.


Worldwide, this industry is worth $407.3 billion, and in Richardson, we are also seeing its growth. In 2016, RealPage moved its headquarters to Richardson, joining other software-related companies that benefit from the city’s technology-centric business atmosphere.


Evidenced by the Telecom Corridor Area’s name, Richardson has a rich history with the telecom industry. It all started in 1951, when Collin’s Radio opened its doors in Richardson and, along with TI, it attracted thousands of engineers.

Financial Services

The financial services industry in Richardson encompasses more than purely finance, from marketing sales management, to IT and data analytics, this industry is formed by a broad range of disciplines to provide economic services to its clients.

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